Privacy Policy Guidance

From 2018 May 25 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), defining stricter protection of personal data of EU citizens, will enter into force in all EU member states.

Since you are a customer of UAB "" hereafter (this e-shop), you can feel calmer about the data you have entrusted to us. Under our responsibility, we provide information about our Privacy Policy. You can find the latest information in the text below.

1. This privacy policy regulates the basic principles and procedures for the collection, processing and storage of personal data of users of this electronic store and e-store administered by UAB "" (hereinafter - the Supplier).

2. The collection, processing and storage of the user's personal data is determined by this privacy policy, the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts.

3. This e-shop provides for the user's instruction of his personal data, agrees that the Supplier will manage and process them for the purposes, means and procedure set out in this privacy policy and legal acts.

4. The Supplier is guided by the following basic principles of User data processing:

4.1. Personal data is collected for defined and legitimate purposes.

4.2. Personal data is handled accurately and fairly.

4.3. Personal data is processed legally, i.e. only in cases where:

4.3.1. the data subject gives consent, i.e. agrees to comply with this e-shop rule;

4.3.2. a contract is concluded or executed where one of the parties is a data subject;

4.3.3. The supplier is obliged to process personal data in accordance with the law;

5. The Supplier may store the User's data indefinitely.

6. Personal data is processed only by employees who have been granted such a right.

7. All information about processed personal data is confidential.

8. The processing of personal data shall be notified to the State Data Protection Inspectorate in accordance with the established procedure.

9. In order to provide full-fledged services, the Supplier may save information (cookies) on the User's (device). The recorded information is used for the identification of the User as a previous user of the website and for the collection of website traffic statistics.

10. All data collected in this e-shop have the following purposes:

10.1. to ensure service provision and quality;

10.2. for issuing financial documents;

10.3. for solving problems related to the provision of services;

10.4. for the performance of other contractual obligations;

10.5. direct trade purposes.

11. When ordering services in this store, the user must provide only correct data. Entering incorrect data is considered a violation of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

12. The Supplier may use data not directly related to the User for statistical purposes, i.e. data on purchased services, website usage, etc. Such data are also collected in such a way as to prevent personal data being processed from the User's personal identity or other personal data that could be used to determine the identity.

13. The user has the right to change or update his services at any time, specify the data at the time of purchase.

14. The supplier has the right to partially or completely change the Privacy Policy.

15. Additions or changes to the privacy policy take effect from the day they are published in this store.

16. If you continue to use this store and the users provided by it after the addition or change of the Privacy Policy, it is considered that the users agree with these additions and/or changes.

What data do we collect about you?

We conclude a sales contract for the purchase of goods from this electronic store, and for its implementation, minimal information is required: Your name, surname, phone number. no., e-mail postal address and, if home delivery is selected, the delivery address. Your contacts are necessary to inform us about the progress of the order and for other questions related to the order. This personal information is only necessary for the conclusion and implementation of a specific contract.

In order to make an additional purchase in installments, the following information is required: Your personal identification number, personal document number, copy of the identity document, information about the work place and the average income received in the last 4 months. Without this information, we cannot provide the hire purchase service.

In order to make browsing in this e-store convenient and efficient, and to find relevant products as quickly as possible, we store:

History of your purchases and actions on the website;

the IP address of the device used (e.g. to provide Kaunians with information about the promotions taking place in the Kaunas region, free deliveries, etc.);

In order for your personal data to be fully protected, we recommend that you pay attention and ensure that your personal data cannot be seen by outsiders when connecting to our online store, and that it is properly stored. We advise you to regularly change your login password, store payment cards and other data, using them may violate the protection and privacy of your personal data.

Our website is protected by a security protocol that relies on a data encryption system certificate (SSL). The web address of such a store contains the letter "s": "https://...".

What are the benefits of a stricter regulation (GDPR) for you?

After the new regulation came into force in 2018. May 25 , yours has become even more secure, from now on you can find additional functions in our e-shop.

1 For what purposes we have detailed in our e-shop, read about it on the information page COOKIES

2. GDPR request - at the bottom of the e-store you will find this section, by clicking on it, you can get a GDPR personal data report, where you will see what we have collected about you that you need to know.

3. For those who have forgotten - at the bottom of the e-shop you will find this section, after clicking on it, but not all the necessary information will be from our system and none of yours will be left.

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